BMW Locksmith Service

BMW Locksmith Service

If you own or drive a BMW, you are already aware of the advantages of it: superb engineering, excellent handling and a long-lasting vehicle. One disadvantage is the high end features that make a BMW attractive to you also make your vehicle attractive to thieves.

A car thief who finds a lost key will look at it as a huge payday. To prevent theft of your vehicle you need to have the best locks and security systems available. BMW provides systems to help keep your vehicle safe, but if you lose your key or keyless fob remote you can experience a great deal of frustration and expense.

Dallas Auto Locksmith-BMW

BMW LocksmithYou can avoid much of the frustration and expense associated with losing your BMW key or remote by contacting your local locksmith in Dallas. By contacting Locks Plus Keys, you can count on a local locksmith to get you back into your car quickly and at a reasonable cost. All of our auto locksmith technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. They are also trained on the most up to date technology, so that they can cut a new key or program a keyless entry system anywhere in the Dallas Metroplex.

In order to provide adequate security from theft, transponder keys must be difficult to reprogram. If they were not, car thieves would be able to make their own transponder keys and steal your BMW even if you did not lose your keys. A licensed locksmith from Locks Plus Keys receives the latest updates on reprogramming transponder keys from BMW’s. Our BMW locksmith’s not only know how to cut keys, but also have been trained in computer programming so they can get your keyless entry system programmed and get you on your way wherever and whenever you happen to run into a problem.

Save Money With a Licensed Locksmith in Dallas

If you contact a BMW dealership after losing your key or transponder, you may have to wait until the next business day to get back into your BMW. Not only that, but you will probably pay several hundred dollars to get rolling again. Locks Plus Keys will respond to your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will not charge an outrageous amount of money to open your vehicle. We want satisfied customers. We do not want you to lose your keys again, but want to make you aware that we provide services for all makes and models – even for your newer or older model BMW.


Need a locksmith for BMW key replacement or programming? Contact Locks Plus Keys – (901) 614-1265


Locksmith ServicesOur hope is that if we can help you get back into your BMW quickly and at a reasonable cost, you will keep us in mind when you need residential locksmith service to change the locks on your home, update the security of your office with our commercial locksmith service, or need our help again with one of your other vehicles. Locks Plus Keys provides a comprehensive set of locksmith services in Dallas for your car, motorcycle, home, or commercial building.

We will not try to up-sell these services if you are locked out and need our BMW locksmith service, but we want you to know that we are available for all your lock and key needs. We here and ready to get your car unlocked, get you on your way, and give you a lasting impression of our professionalism and efficiency.

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