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In an emergency, it’s difficult to be fully prepared – most emergencies aren’t planned, and we can’t always be ready for every unexpected event. In the situation that you are locked out of your car because you lost your keys, left your keys somewhere you can’t access or you’re having issues with your car door locks or ignition, you are likely going to need an auto locksmith to help you out. Even if you are having lock, key or security problems at home or work, you’ll need to reach out to a Memphis locksmith that can get to you quickly.

In this instance, do you already know of a trustworthy locksmith in Memphis that you can call to help you? Unless you have recently needed locksmith services and have found a reliable provider, it is likely that you do not know who to contact. In the locksmith service industry, unfortunately, there are many scammers out there and it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad.

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Don’t Get Scammed – Find Legitimate Locksmith

Fortunately, there are some tips we have for you to use that will help narrow down the reliable licensed locksmiths and weed out the ones that are only looking to scam you in your desperate time of need.

Tips to find a licensed locksmith in Memphis you can trust:

  1. When you are having issues while on the road and you’re locked out of your vehicle, a locksmith can help; but before you search for one, it is best to utilize the services you may already have such as roadside assistance. Often times drivers have roadside services through their car insurance, cell phone plan or with the purchase of a new vehicle. Unless you have a large deductible with these service plans, it will be more cost effective to use your roadside assistance first.
  2. Without roadside services you’ll need to search for a locksmith in the DFW area. When you search online for a locksmith in Memphis, for example, your search results will provide you with local service providers. Before choosing a locksmith at random, check their information; match the address and phone number listed in in the search engine with the information on their website to make sure they are a legitimate local locksmith with a true address. If the information provided doesn’t match up or they do not have a verified business address, it is highly possible that business is not established in the area and they are only out to scam desperate consumers in need of help during an emergency.
  3. Once you find a local locksmith that has legitimate business information, give them a call. When you contact them, be aware how they answer; if they answer with a generic industry name such as “local locksmith” instead of an established business name, you should be cautionary. Ask for their legal company name. If they provide one, then continue the call; but if they cannot, then hang up immediately and move on to another company.
  4. After finding a locksmith that makes you feel confident with their services, ask for an estimate over the phone and ask if the company is insured and their technicians are certified. Even if they don’t know how much work will be involved with getting you back in your vehicle, home or office, a legitimate locksmith will be able to provide you with a general estimate over the phone. Also check if they charge additional fees for parts, mileage or time.
  5. Once your locksmith arrives to your location, make sure they are dressed in some type of company uniform; if not, at least ask to see their business or identification card and/or locksmith license or certificate. They should also ask to see your identification too. They should never ask you to sign a blank order sheet or work form; that should be done after the work is complete and you are completely satisfied with their service. Upon completion of service and signing the form, make sure you receive a copy of the invoice along with a receipt for payment.

Locksmith ServicesFind Your Trustworthy Memphis Locksmith Before You Need One

Although we can never be prepared for unexpected events, the best approach to finding a legitimate, licensed locksmith in Memphis is to find one before you need one. You may need us today, tomorrow or next year; either way, we’ll be here. So save our information today – Locks Plus Keys  (901) 614-1265.

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