Mercedes Benz Locksmith Service

Mercedes Benz Locksmith Service

It’s not that unusual for us to provide service for customers who own Mercedes Benz models that are 30 years old or older and still running well. Mercedes Benz has always built their vehicles to last. Some Mercedes owners call us not because there is anything wrong with their vehicle, but because they have owned them for so long that they want to protect their investment by changing the locks or having the locks rekeyed.

Some owners have the locks rekeyed when they purchase a used Mercedes Benz. The number of older models still on the road means that we have to be prepared to deal with a wider range of models than for most other manufacturers.

Auto Locksmith Mercedes Benz Transponder Keys

A Mercedes Benz – vintage or new – is an attractive target for a car thief. This means that the manufacturer has always had to be conscientious about their security systems. One of the most recent innovations in this area is the use of transponder keys. A transponder key uses a system in which radio signals are sent between a microchip in the transponder key and the onboard computer. If the onboard computer cannot verify the password sent be the transponder key, it will not allow the car to start. This innovation significantly reduces the risk of theft. The password from the transponder key is necessary to do more than start the car; it is also required to do such things as lock or unlock the doors or open the fuel port.

Mercedes Key Replacement

Mercedes Benz LocksmithOur automotive locksmiths have received training in programming new passwords for replacement transponder keys. This training allows our automotive locksmiths to get customers back into their cars quickly if a Mercedes Benz owner loses their keys. A more advanced security system in Mercedes Benz vehicles means that more skill and training is required to reset passwords on transponder keys for Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Save Time & Money With Our Mercedes Locksmith Service vs the Dealership

Whether you own a Mercedes Benz that uses a transponder key or not, we can help you get moving again if you lose your keys. We can cut a new key or reset the password in a transponder key for significantly less cost than if you had someone from your dealership come to you. We like to suggest to owners of newer model Mercedes Benz that they keep a copy of the transponder key. That can make the whole process of replacing the key and resetting the password even faster.

We can also help if you acquired a Mercedes Benz without a key. Our automotive locksmiths can replace the locks or rekey them, say if you picked up the vehicle at auction or are working on restoring a vintage vehicle.

You already know that a Mercedes Benz is a joy to drive and looks good in the driveway. We can reduce your stress and restore your joy of driving and peace of mind quickly, and do it without charging you and unreasonable amount to get the job done and done correctly.

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