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Motorcycle Locksmith Memphis TN

As well as providing automotive locksmith services, general and commercial locksmith services are Memphis based locksmith Locks Plus Keys is proud to provide motorcycle locksmith services in Memphis. We can help you with a number of different locksmith services related to motorcycles, including broken keys, lost keys and even the replacement of compartment keys for your motorcycle storage.

Lost Motorcycle Keys Replacement in Memphis

One of our specialties involves the replacement of motorcycle keys in the event that you were to lose your keys or have them snap off in the ignition. While this type of accident is quite rare our skilled technicians can create a brand-new key that will ensure that you have full access to your motorcycle for the future. Broken key replacement and extraction services can save your motorcycle and ensure that it functions normally. A lost key could doom your future riding ability in Memphis, but luckily our skilled team is able to re-create keys from any make or model motorcycle using our years of experience and quality tools.

Broken Key Extraction in Memphis

A broken key in the ignition can sometimes be an extremely damaging accident that can happen with a motorcycle. Whether you have an older style bike or your key has broken off in an accident, we have the tools required to extract keys from any model motorcycle ignition and then replace the key entirely so that you can have full access to your motorcycle once again.

Storage Access for Your Motorcycle

If you have lost the key to any of your storage compartments we can also provide unlock services as well as the replacement on any of these motorcycle accessories. Locked storage compartments are perfect for any long haul trip and for keeping all of your items secure while your bike is parked. Rather than risk your belongings when you ride, we can replace the locks as well as provide new keys for any of your storage compartments in Memphis. Locks Plus Keys is capable of providing locksmith services on a variety of different storage compartments for motorbikes, the home and more.


Our motorcycle locksmith service includes but not limited to:

  • Fast mobile locksmith for motorcycle
  • lost motorcycle keys
  • replacement and made on site
  • Motorcycle ignition replacement or repair
  • Bike locks re-keyed or replacement
  • locksmith service offered for ATV’s, mopeds, dirt bikes, and Mopeds.

Motorcycle manufacture we service:

  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Harley Davis
  • BMW
  • Suzuki.

    Whether you require a broken key replacement, help unlocking a storage compartment or broken key extraction from your motorcycle we can provide you with the solutions that you need to get riding once again. Contact Locks Plus Keys for all of your motorcycle locksmith needs in Memphis Tennessee.

    Contact us for all of your motorcycle locksmith needs in Memphis at (901)-614-1265